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Meet the Family. My factory family.

My studio is located in a family factory that specializes in manual leather work, since 1962.
You could say that I grew up here, between the machines and leather and smells that arouse inspiration.
I have my own corner here, where I create, so to speak, all my life.
In recent years, I turned this corner, from a place of fantasies into a place where contemporary fashion is manufactured daily.
I use the knowledge of the factory and the professionals that surround me, which I look up to and care for dearly.

I think it is about time for you to know our family workshop
And the people who work with me every day –
Helping me make dreams and art into practical wearable products!
These dear people that are like family to me (-:

❉ ❉ ❉

Samuel Shachar, my beloved father

Is the manager and owner of the factory. He is a man of vision. He is everything here.
And he runs me, helping me to strategize as a creative designer
It gives me great freedom to get up every morning and realize my dream.
And he also stops me when needed.
Sometimes it is difficult to work with your Dad
But in 90 percent of the time it is a great gift, great happiness and a greate facilitator for creativity.
And most importantly – inspiration.

my father - shmuel shachar. front line manager ❉ ❉ ❉

Slava is the plant manager.

Slava is 39 years old and working with us since 2000
Slava is a very nice guy and full of energy’ vigor and action.
He is responsible for the distribution of work among all workers at the plant.
He’s overseas stock going out on time.
And knows how to tie loose ends. he is our “Handy Man” and there is no problem he can not solve.
I’ve never seen anyone as agile and dedicated as him! His perfectionism is the key.
He has great love for cars. He loves to renovateand shimmer his vehicles, and replaces them frequently.
We all await the day when Slava will announce his wedding

slava copy

❉ ❉ ❉

Sophia in charge of quality control.

Sophia is 59 years old and working with us since 1988.
Our factory specializes in high class quality hand made leather products.
Nothing is packed and shipped out of here before it undergoes Sophie’s carful examination.
She helps develop all intricate designs and is excellent at outlining patterns and with thinking outside the box.
Sophie started working at the factory about a week after immigrating to Israel from Russia and is the most established of all employees and is mother to everyone here. Sophie knows all of the inner workings and always has words of wisdom and encouragement to say at the right place at the right time.

sofi copy

❉ ❉ ❉

Luba is our head a seamstress

She is 53 years old and working with us since 1991.
Our Luba joined us a week after she emigrated from Russia, not speaking a word of Hebrew at the time.
We have six seamstresses but Luba is the head seamstress – She sews the difficult seams and those which require precision. Her hands are priceless.
Luba brings with her a great spirit, laughter and pampers us at least once a week with her delicious cakes and pastries

luba copy

❉ ❉ ❉

Esther, hand made precision work.

38 years old and working with us since 2010.
Esther dreams of being a designer, and she really likes to put her own personal touch to my work. She always has suggestions for optimization and improvement, and I love working with her.
She cuts, glues and paints and prepares the product for sewing.
Her energy is surene and it is simply a pleasure to see her beautiful smile in the morning!
When she’s done raising her three small children, she will open her own brand.
In the meantime we get to enjoy her.

ester copy

❉ ❉ ❉

My father – Shmuel Shachar, runs the factory since 1997
Before that the plant was my grandfather – Yehazekel Ben Gal, since 1962
My grandfather still comes here every day to clear his head, help a bit and share his wisdom ♥
❉ ❉ ❉

I hope you got a taste of the amazing atmosphere that surrounds me
and that you had a chance to connect to my work.
My products are available in my online store:

Thanks for the precious time !!!
xoxo , Ayelet .


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